Production Process And Benefits of Citric Acid

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a natural element located mostly in citric fruits. It gives a sour taste to the fruits. Found naturally in lime and lemon, it can also be produced in factories and industries. It is often used as a saving in different food items. This acid is also contained as a flavoring agent in lots of the food items.

Citric acid is manufactured commercially by culturing a fungus known as Aspergillus niger. The acid is usually made in factories and industries rather than homes.

How to Make Citric Acid:

The process of making involves several steps which include the following:

Begin the process by culturing Aspergillus niger, which is one of the most common types of fungus found in nature. It can also be obtained from strains which are found in agricultural supply stores. With proper information, you can get additional benefits to your health.

The next process involves feeding simple sugar to the culture Aspergillus niger. It can be any kind of sugar which includes glucose. Any kind of inexpensive forms of sugar can be used to feed the culture. The culture uses sugar as food and produces carbon dioxide and citric acid as waste products.

The culture can then be filtered to remove the molds. This can be done once the amount of acid in the culture is at its highest level.

The next process involves extracting the acid from the solution. Calcium hydroxide can be added to the answer. It integrates with the acid to form calcium citrate adding sulfuric acid to the solution to regenerate the acid.

The acid is usually available in powdered form and it mixed really well with all kinds of liquids. It is found naturally in oranges, raspberries and blackberries. San Francisco herb company also developed many herbal products for health care and treatments.

Common Benefits and Uses:

Fruits which contain citric acid are known to be beneficial to health of every human being. It benefits to cut down kidney stones by expanding acid formation in the urine. It also prevents the growth of present stones in the kidneys. visit today!

Flavoring: The acid is commonly used as a flavoring agent in different kinds of food that contains Vitamin C. It is therefore known as natural cleaners.

Citric AcidAdditive: It can also be added to canned food items, gelatin based food manufactures, meat, and desserts products as it solves to extend the shelf life of food. It is one of the most ordinarily used food savings as it helps to cut down the formation of bacteria and other bad bacteria. The acid is found in most of the soft drinks. It helps to tenderize meat as it breaks down the protein found in meat. There are also natural organics which we can use in our daily health care preparations.

Soften Water: As it has the power to soften water, it is used widely in soaps and shampoos. It removes excessive minerals present in the water. Most of the soaps and laundry detergents include this acid as it proves to be more effective. However, excessive amounts of this acid can prove to be detrimental to the hair. Checkout latest additional information which contains different advantage of citric acid for your health.